Everybody and their skinny sister want to tell you how to make $10k, $20k, 6 figures…yadda yadda yadda…

Here’s the thing they don’t want you to know. It’s HELLA SIMPLE. That’s right, you can be doing that too (without the fancy photos of you with a microphone ???? )

I’ve decided to do a case study of a recent $10k day in my business (#recordbreaking).

Here is what it looked like…

  • Woke up to a new client (who I had chatted with online about 1 month ago, and it was finally her time to get started and pay in full),
  • A previous client re-enrolled because they had gotten so much value and continued her payment plan,
  • I was in my bed, wearing pajamas the whole time!

How did I get here? Well, for a couple of months prior, I was practicing this simple 5 minute routine along the way…

*NOTE: I was NOT chasing people, trying to hack the Instagram algorithm, seeking affiliates, or waiting for referrals…

The simple habit to building my dream life (and how you can too!) is to spend 5 minutes each morning with the following routine…

1. I start my day by writing down 3 of my big visions for myself. 1 business related, 1 health-related, and 1 relationship oriented.

Each goal is stated in this format:

I am so grateful now (present tense) that (specific outcome) is in my bank account/life/body.

Example: I am so grateful that $10,000 has been deposited into my bank account today.

2. Then, I close my eyes. And visualize that happening. It’s that simple!

So perhaps you visualize someone saying “YES” to your offer. Or you imagine seeing an email land in your inbox “Payment received”. Or you find $10,000 on the ground. How ever you want it to happen!

And feel the feeling associated with that event. For me, it’s a butterfly feeling in my stomach, and a rush of energy that makes me want to dance and yell “Dream Life is Real Life”. I typically smile and nod my head, knowing another person has changed their life. And the ripple effect is growing. I feel elated. I sit in that feeling and those visions of myself.

3. Then I take a deep breath and move onto the next affirmation.

Can you challenge yourself to practice this habit for 30 days?

I know you can! In reality, being an entrepreneur means your only “job” is to work on your mindset. You must be in alignment with your goals every single day. Then the universe–well actually quantum physics– can bring you the results without you stressing or hustling!

Especially when it comes to monetary goals, we need to remember that money is JUST ENERGY. You will always be ok. Even when you are “broke”, and don’t see big numbers in your bank account, you are still on the path towards your next big break!

You actually don’t work for money. Money works for you! And if you are “broke”, you are simply ready to receive more, as soon as you are in the right vibrations. The amount of money in your name is a condition, not a characteristic.

Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal.

Remember, running your online business is not just about going to the bank. Your mission and business are all about falling in love with the process. I promise you, there is much more thrill in setting high goals, feeling those feelings, and following the path to achieving them then in checking your bank account statement.

Now that you have the basic 5-minute routine locked and loaded, are you ready to take advantage of even more habits and the strategies to 5x your income? You can learn more on this free video training: Daily Habits to Build Your Dream Online Business.