Do you ever feel like YOU GET IT HAVE IT ALL?!?!

The other day, Mak and I had a pretty full calendar. 📅

🍽️ He was off at the “soft opening” of a new 5-star restaurant (free drinks, the entire menu ready for sampling, new people to mingle with– that’s a YES for him).

🥰 And I was at a crafty card-making night, with some girlfriends, who all seemed to have new stories: trips to Asia, luxurious spa retreats, and hidden hiking trail adventures! I munched on charcuterie and belly laughed while die-cutting stars. #dreamlifeisreallife

Earlier that day, we had each spent some quality time with our laptops (clients, meetings, strategizing, networking). 🙌

And even earlier that day, we had hit up the gym (Impacto Bootcamp for the win!), and enjoyed a coffee/book by the pool (I’m loving Kristin Hannah rn – yep, fiction!). ☕

By the time my head hit the pillow (9:30 pm 😉), I realized


And more and more, I’m seeing that it’s possible be a Queen CEO aaaannd enjoy my life!

But it all comes down to having the right systems, strategies and TEAM in place, so that I can SCALE MY BUSINESS, AND GET MY LIFE BACK!

Wondering HOW to make that happen in your life/biz?

We do this kind of thing with our Feminine Marketing Boutique clients all the time!

And in this vid,👇 I share how our clients have used this ONE MARKETING STRATEGY to hit consistent $50k months in their coaching businesses (without sacrificing their freedom)!

The Feminine Marketing Funnel: how to implement to hit $50k months in your coaching business

Dream life is real life,