There are plenty of business coaches out there promising you the world if you use their services. They have no problem talking about their methods. Unfortunately, some make no mention of how their methods…GET RESULTS!

I’ve had the opportunity to help other coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs work towards the success THEY DREAMED ABOUT! And they have the stories to prove it.

(So you don’t just have to just take it from me.)

I want to introduce you to four women. They all had great ideas, a drive to succeed, and a passion for helping others. 

And, like anyone attempting to be an entrepreneur or solopreneur, they had some learning, challenging, and comfort zone bursting to do (that was my part).

These are their stories…

Earn What You’re Worth

Stephanie Mitchell–Founder of The Rolling Mat


Stephanie started her own yoga business to get out of the corporate 9 to 5 life that left her feeling tense, stressed, and knowing she had more to offer. 

Stephaine started her business, The Rolling Mat, as a travelling yoga studio. She brought all the equipment, set it up, and led a yoga or wellness class. Then, after class, she broke down and reloaded all the equipment. 

And…with all that labor, she was only charging $150 per class.  

Needless to say, the tension and stress didn’t exactly go away once Stephanie started her own business. Bills were piling up. She had to keep hustling for new clients. She often started the day not knowing what to do next.

As Hanna got to know Stephanie, she realized Stephanie had a lot of great ideas and insights–especially with her past experience working in the corporate world. Teaching yoga was one strength–but she had so much more to offer. 

But first, Stephanie needed to get structured and organized. Then, fine tune her niche to attract higher paying clients. Together, they worked on a roadmap to developing The Rolling Mat into something much more than cramming yoga equipment in a van.

Stephanie began pursuing corporate clients with special yoga/wellness packages. These corporate clients paid $15,000 for these packages. After all, she had a unique selling point: she lived the corporate life. She knew the struggles and what she wished she was taught during her 9 to 5 stint.

Hanna and Stephanie also worked on creating a mentorship program for aspiring yoga teachers who wanted to land high-paying corporate clients. They developed a 12-week structured program that Stephanie now charges $3500 per client.

Stephaine now earns $15,000 a month working “part time”. She has a team to help take care of the extra labor. And, more importantly, she wakes up motivated and loving the process of being a small business owner. 

Uprooted and Unsure

Lindsey Cortes–Certified Dietician & Personal Coach

Lindsey, a Certified Dietician, was pretty happy with her job. There was one problem: Her husband was in the military. Once they just started getting settled, they’d usually have to move again.

Lindsey started out a nutritionist for the the military. As she kept moving, she found jobs at colleges and clinics. But it was hard looking for and adjusting to a new job every time they moved. Lindsey wanted to find her own private clients. 


Despite her experience, Lindsey wasn’t attracting many clients. And she charged a pretty meager hourly rate for the few clients she did have. After two years of having her own business, she was frustrated because she wasn’t making the money or impact she desired. 


Lindsey enlisted the help of Hanna to get her more clients. Hanna immediately saw one area that would make a huge improvement in Lindsey’s business. Lindsey needed to get clear on her ideal target market.  


Once the ideal target market was established–girls with eating disorders–Lindsey learned how to be an online presence and market her services to get her business noticed.


Lindsey further specialized her business to develop a program helping athletes overcome disordered eating. Instead of a small hourly rate, she charges $3,500 for this 12 week program. 

Lindsey continues to attract clients. She expanded her solopreneurship to a small business. 


Now Lindsey earns $15,000 a month. And since her services are virtual, that money won’t disappear once she has to move again. 


Lindsey is very happy for the security her new business offers because she plans to start a family soon. 

An Idea Becomes Financial Security 

Sillie Mugo–Artist & Creative Business Coach


Sillie is a professional, full-time artist. She is very talented and enjoys what she does. Like many artists, however, the cash flow isn’t consistent.

Sillie believed she could help other artists and creative-types out there be successful. Sillie knew many artists. Some had no clue how to market themselves or conduct regular business.

Sillie knew this was a great (and lucrative) idea, but she wasn’t sure where to start. Hanna gave Sillie a step-by-step process for creating a marketing course for other creatives. In a matter of weeks, Sillie had her first high paying coaching client.  

Hanna also taught her to connect with her audience on a much deeper level. Thanks to her Instagram and other social media posts, she is viewed as an authority for teaching creatives marketing. 

In fact, Sillie lands new high client tickets every month thanks to Instagram.

In addition to selling her art, Sillie now makes $10,000 a month with her creative coaching business.   

The Transition from Learning to Earning

Ang Davis–Relationship Coach/Yoga Teacher 


Ang is obsessed with learning–she has the degrees and certifications to prove it. Ang is a Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hours), certified yoga therapist, had a marketing degree, and was working on completing graduate school to become a relationship counselor.

The problem: Ang wasn’t making any money. She had the knowledge and credentials. She had experience. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the courage to earn what she was worth. In fact, she taught some classes for free. She asked for donations after other classes. 

It wasn’t going to pay the bills–or her mounting student loans.

Ang enlisted the help of Hanna to get a better understanding of the business side. She enrolled in a 6 week program where she got a clearer picture of the program she would offer. Once the program had more focus, Hanna taught Ang about connecting with ideal clients (ones that pay well!) and building her credibility online.

 By the end of six weeks, Ang had 3 clients signed on to her program for $2,000 each. You could hear her story on a recent podcast.

Now that Ang has a clear idea of what she could achieve, the momentum continues. Her online presence is helping her attract new opportunities. And she’s working out the details of leading retreats (one of her dreams). 

Ang still continues her education. She plans to finish grad school–working remotely in Costa Rica & Colorado.

Thanks to Hanna, however, Ang learned she could start making good money before she graduated. 

Ready to be the next success story? Let’s get started today…