How to Create & Monetize a High-Ticket Offer


High-ticket offers are the key to your personal and professional freedom. Why? Because we ALL have a ceiling. A limit. A peak of personal efficiency that frustratingly, means that we have to get creative to get beyond our personal and revenue plateaus.


You can’t keep just piling on more & more & more. More people, more clients, more offers, more services, more courses, more posting! Aghhh. Eventually, we have to make more strategic moves; right into a deeper pool. ????????‍♀️????.


Many of my clients have feared this leap into the deep end, so to speak, and they let that lying, pesky, fear to keep them stuck at mid-level for FAR too long.


But looking back not one of them regrets the leap now!


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear”


So what is holding you back from achieving $10,000 months? Is it:


➡️ Lack of Clarity? ????

➡️ A crazy mindset around money? ????

➡️ Imposter Syndrom and a lack of self-confidence? ????


Actively working on your mindset around everything: money, failure, achievements, ourselves and our communities will serve you BIG TIME, and you can explore more on Growth Mindset here


Today, we are going to work on the clarity element. Clarity can be the key to going from stuck in the mud to on the move.


How do you create a high ticket offer?


More importantly, how do you monetize a high ticket offer, making all the effort worthwhile?


The first thing to remember is that no one cares, or is trying to pay you, for what you know. The world pays you for what you DO.


So, you need to figure out a priceless offer and explain it concisely to your ideal client.


How do you do that?


First, start with what you love


The old adage, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” is still bouncing around today for a reason. It is easier and more satisfying to spend your life working on something if you truly love it. So dig in deep.


Create an offer you actually LOVE, and you know others really NEED.


Do this and the rest, quite honestly, will just click into place.


Now, obviously, I love tacos and margaritas and lying on the beach. But this won’t make me any money. ????


You have to be ready to turn what you love into WORK. Be emotionally ready to show up, invest, and turn a passion into a project.


Just be sure to create a model you enjoy and can commit to growing with. Some things to ask yourself before you start:


What are your non-negotiables?


Really picture how you want your life and business to look. Dream big and be specific. Remember, this will be a guide of sorts for all your choices. Always keep moving toward this vision. Ask yourself:


  • How many hours do you want to work?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • Who do you REFUSE to work with? This should be very clear and likely longer than your “yes” list. Clarity = ???? wasted time
  • What will you be paid to do, specifically?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?!?


Keep these objectives in mind and mold every offer and decision you make in honor of this vision of yourself and your life. Have REAL standards and stick to them.


Crunch The Numbers


  • How much do you want to make per month?
  • How many people do you want to work with per month?
  • How closely do you want to work with each person (1 to 1 coaching or evergreen webinar?)


Take your desired income and divide by your ideal volume of clients and this is your offer price point!


Is it really this easy? YES! Once you do this you can asses the level of value you need to deliver to your paying clients.


If you want to make $10,000 per month and only work with two people you will need to create a $5,000 high ticket offer and make it worthwhile. Way different demographic than someone selling 10,000, $1.00 items per month.


Formulating the Offer

Here is where we dig deep, into your PRICELESS experience and figure out how you can use that to serve up an irresistible offer that will be of enormous value to the right person!

What do people really want from you?


    • Can you answer a big, burning, question, or solve a massive problem
    • for your ideal client? How can you create an offer or service in response?
    • Think about common goals among your target audience. Have you learned a trick, system, shortcut, or found a tool that makes this goal easier to achieve?
    • Do you enjoy certain activities that could be made more accessible or easier with your energy or that others generally dislike doing?


  • Speak to the old you. Think about where you were in past, and what you had to learn to climb from that level to this level. It’s easy to get focused on your goals and forget how far you’ve come! Carefully look back and find systems, methods, & lessons that you can present in a digestible way to your audience, helping them save time – the ultimate currency.



How to Monetize a High Ticket Offer


Now, I have cooked up a deep dive into this topic,  you can enroll in my new step by step course here, and this is a much bigger conversation about lead generation. But here are the basics.


How to sell a packaged offer

There are a few standbys that work for almost everyone. Of course, you can use social media and build a following of engaged, raging fans, which acts as a constant supply of paying clients. How?


Start with a group. Groups afford you the opportunity to niche down on who you are talking to, vet them before they enter your domain, capture their email for an email nurture campaign, and your reach in a niche group has a higher likelihood of landing with someone who resonates with your message. Plus, as the leader of the group, you are already positioning yourself as a go-to expert.


Elevate your platform. If you maintain course on a plan to steadily grow your online platforms, you get to continuously refresh your following. Use automation to help you stay on top of the plethora of social platforms, and regularly recycle content, topics, and ideas to fresh channels.

Use a content calendar to save your sanity and employ influencer tactics to get featured on podcasts and live videos. If you net speaking engagements & interviews, it can help you to gain media features and other coverages. Widen your sphere of influence beyond social media. Everything is leverage. Writing a book can help you leverage your way into a podcast or speaking engagement, which can lead to media features and requests for your time. And around in a circle, it goes.


Email Marketing is not dead! Email is a numbers game. If you stay on top of your email segmentation and take extreme care not to spam your audience with every thought (just the stuff they have shown in the past to love) it can be an incredibly valuable remarketing tool. If someone decided not to go with you at some point, was it a hard no? Or a not right now? Be there when the ‘not right now’s are ready to pull the trigger.


Public Speaking. Wait, don’t run. You can do this! IRL events are one of the BEST ways to establish authority and capture the attention of high-level clientele. Consider who your ideal audience might be and start figuring out what is reasonable to charge for your time. This is one of the worlds MOST FEARED activities. If you can walk through that door, beyond fear, I guarantee you will never look back.


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