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Book a FREE 10 Min Clarity Call

With the DLRL Team

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Artist and Creative Business Coach

Hanna gave me a step by step process for enrolling my first high ticket coaching clients in a matter of weeks!
When I started my creative coaching biz, Hanna gave me a step by step process on creating email/social media copy that helped me be authentic, and actually CONNECT with my audience on a much deeper level – I used Hanna’s process to create posts and email in my sales funnel that directly led to high ticket sales of my coaching program! With just a few pieces of content, I landed a few high ticket clients!


Yoga Teacher & Founder – The Rolling Mat 

Success is the only option with Hanna. She brought my business and me back to life and helped me earn $9,000 in our first 5 weeks together.
Hanna is a powerhouse! The moment I signed up with her, an incredible shift happened. I became more balanced and sane in my business by following her program and now have a structure that is leading me in the right direction. I would wake up most mornings not knowing where to start, but now, I wake up motivated and loving the process of being a small business owner. She is great with constructing a road map that is unique and specific to your business, timely with feedback and is super positive. Forever grateful. 



Engineer Coach

Business grew to multiple six figures, doing $25K a month, and still building momentum

100% you should work with Hanna.  I thought at first that my business was so “unique and different” from her expertise that she would not be able to help me.  I coach engineers online, and she’s a “unicorn emoji” kind of girl, right?  No.  Wrong.  Totally wrong.  I loved having Hanna as my coach for the past year, and recommend her to ANY online entrepreneur who needs a rock solid strategy and plan for growth.  When we started working together I had ZERO Clients in my new online business.  I had all the degrees and certifications (and ego) but my bank account begged for help.  Hanna helped me learn how to communicate my true value as a high ticket coach.  People are not buying my program, they are buying the words I use to communicate the value of my program.  Hanna helped me find those words and EXECUTE a complete marketing plan.  In just 12 months, my business grew to multiple six figures, doing $25K a month, and still building momentum.  So like I said, 100% you should work with Hanna.

If someone says your goals are "unrealistic" - you're on the right track!

– Hanna Hermanson